Bruidsfotografie Ruurlo – Erik & Nicola


A very special post today. Because yesterday, 10-06-12 was Erik & Nicola’s big day. In 2011, I was in the same class as Nicky for a few months, at the Fotovakschool (School of Photography). From the beginning she said that she wanted me to be the photographer at her wedding. I was honered, especially because Nicky is a photographer too. Her loving my work so much is a great compliment! Yesterday was finally the big day. The couple has chosen a beautiful location; Orangerie, Huize Ruurlo. Nicky arrived first and started to take care of al kind of stuff she really shouldn’t be doing, but I understand you just want to make sure everything is just perfect! But Nicola’s lovely sisters and family all helped out and everything looked just perfect. It was time for Nicola to do her make-up and put on her beautiful dress. Erik arrived when Nicola’s father was raising a Dutch and a South-African flag. (Nicola’s father comes from South Africa and there were a lot of English speaking guests.. That’s also the reason this post is in English!)

What also made everything extra special was the registrar. She was the mother of Nicky’s stephmom, which made it a great and real intimate ceremony. Erik was waiting in the room full of guests, and that’s when Nicky and her father stepped in to the room for the big entrance. And that was when the couple first saw each other that day. So romantic! After the special ceremony it was time for bubbles and the wedding cake. Which was such a pretty cake by the way! And delicious also 🙂 The weather was beautiful (not at all what we were expecting!) so after the cake, everybody enjoyed a nice drink at the terrace. Nicola also threw her bouquet.. And Nynke (also a classmate from Fotovakschool) caught it! Hilarious moments and I think her boyfriend feels the pressure now 😉

After some groupshots and some more drinks in the sun it was time for a delicious dinner. The tables looked absolutely gorgeous and the ambiance was great. After a great dinner with some funny and touchy speeches, the couple and I went into the gardens of de Orangerie for some pretty pictures. It was about half past eight in the evening, so there was a beautiful warm lighting going on. I love these shots in the evening sun, and Erik en Nicola look so great and they make such a lovely couple.. Wow! Pretty pretty pretty!

And that’s when it was time to celebrate. And we did! They had an awesome band, a sort of Crazy Piano’s. Super original, loved it! I had a great evening and so did everybody else. Great location, great weather, great people.. Everything was there to make it a perfect day. I hope everybody enjoys the pictures as much as I did shooting and editing them…
I’m really thrilled and super proud that a could be a part of this great day. Erik and Nicola (and friends and family), thank you so much. Have a great honeymoon and enjoy this first sneakpeak.
I’m going to plant the 4-leaf clovers and I’m sure I will be just as happy as you are. All the love and luck in the future for you!! xo

ps. Hope my English hasn’t got to many spelling mistakes. I don’t do this every day 😉
But I’m sure the pictures will just say it all!

The beautiful necklace that Nicola’s grandmother wore on hér wedding. So this way she was still a little present at this wonderful day.

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